Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goodbye Mike Mcconnell

Hello everyone. I set this blogpage up so that we may say a proper goodbye to Mike McConnell, who kept us company during the middle of the day for 25 year in Cincinnati.

After I left Cincinnati he was the only radio show I continued to podcast. He was entertaining, thoughtful, and generally good natured unless your name was Nick. I will miss Fridays from 11-12 the most.

Clear Channel did not allow him to have a proper goodbye so I am setting up this simple blog so that we may have the chance to say goodbye to him. Comment to this post and leave your message. I will forward the URL to John Kiesewetter at the Cincinnati Enquirer so that he can publicize it, and maybe even pass it along to Mike himself.



  1. I live in Indianapolis and have podcasted Mike for years now. His callers, his gentle (okay, maybe not always gentle) sarcasm, his wit, his interviews----the whole package was just great. And what a workhorse!!!! I could depend on Mike for an entertaining, reasoned, and informative couple of hours.....and without all the sturm and drang of some others that will remain anonymous. Thanks Mike for doing your job in a straightforward and interesting way. My summer walking won't be nearly as much fun with you to listen to.....hope WGN sets up your podcast as soon as you start!

  2. It figure the Morons @ Clear Channel had to pull the plug early...bend outta shape because they are loosing a great talk show host.

    I started listening to McConnell on XM that was till they removed him from the talk line up. Fortunately Mike had a Podcast @ WLW which I have been listening to ever since. I currently still have a big back log of podcast shows to catch up on which should hold me over till August, I hope.

    Mike...Keep up the great talk show @ WGN and BE SURE to Podcast the show from WGN. I'll be looking for the Podcast in August and in the mean time....Enjoy the time off!!!

  3. I have listened to Mike since 1987 as I was returning home from Ashland College/University on Friday mornings. My car at the time only had an AM radio, and now I am thankful for that car because I was entertained for the 3 hour drive back home.

    One year, I decided to sacrifice giving up Mike for Lent. It only lasted 2 days LOL. My sister suggested that this could be a good promo for Mike-- "too good of a radio personality that you cannot even give up for Lent!"

    Last year I was fortunate enough to finally meet Mike in person at the first Tea Party rally on Fountain Square. Although it was in passing, he is as nice and casual as could be.

    Good luck Mike. I feel like I am saying good bye to a member of my family. I wish you all the best in Chicago, which I consider it one step closer to becoming "Earth Czar" . I hope I can also stream the show live as well.

    Thank you, Mike for what you have done for the Greater Cincinnati area. You will be sorely missed.

  4. I've been listening to Mike since his Rock -n- Roll days at WTUE in Dayton and at Kiss 96. While I don't listen to a lot of talk radio, I've always felt Mike used common sense without a lot of hyperbole with most topics. Best wishes and good luck!

  5. I've listened for about 14 years now, back when Mike was on from 9-2 and even co-hosted with Cris Collinsworth for a time.

    Except for the weekend show I rarely listen live anymore but I listen to at least an hour of the podcast daily. It almost feels like losing a friend. When you get used to hearing someone's voice for so many years it's strange for him to be gone.

    I'll miss your show, Mike. Good luck in Chicago.

    Also, he wasn't so good-natured to Martin. I almost felt sorry for the guy sometimes.

  6. I'm going to miss you Mike! You've been a part of my life for the past 12+ years. Even when I moved to Cleveland, I made my boss buy speakers for my computer so I could 'Stream' you! I was so excited to move back to West Chester and here you 'live'!!
    We'll be watching for you & your daughter on "The Amazing Race"!
    Whatever will we do without your Christmas Story and Lighter Topic Fridays?
    Good Luck in Chicago...........You will be missed!!

  7. Mike, you really cannot be replaced in Cincy. You had a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to today's issues. Never pontificating, you always suggested an idea or opinion that was spot-on, but not always popular. As a native Cincinnatian who grew up on Burbank, Cunningham, and McConnell, I feel like I'm losing a part of my trifecta of local talk radio. You were always too talented to stay here, but I know you'll be a success in Chicago. I hope we can give you a good send-off this summer. I know your daughter from UC Law, so hopefully we can organize something worthy for King Mike. Good luck in Chicago, and know that Cincinnati will miss you.

  8. So long Mike. I'll miss you. You always kept it in perspective.
    Be happy in Chicago and good luck.

  9. Alan McConnell, how do I love thee, let me count the ways...

    Um...Ok...I'll think of one in a minit...Might have to get back to you on this...Here's one: You're NOT Michael Luczak!

  10. I'll miss hearing you locally, but will be tuning in for your shows from WGN. Good Luck!

    Also, just noticed that Clear Channel has taken your blog off the WLW website. Does anyone out there have some podcasts they can post to hold us over until August?

  11. Mike, you were my first talk radio experience as I was going through college and I have been spoiled by the experience. No other talk host measures up. They all seem annoying, bland, and/or mindless by comparison to you. You will be very greatly missed. I only hope that your full, daily shows on WGN are available via podcast for us loyal Cincinnati fans to hear.


  12. Will miss you Mike. You too were my first talk show experience as I worked through college in the early 90s. I even subscribed to your "Open Mike" newsletter.

    Hoping you will either have a syndicated weekend show or will not focus ONLY on Chi-town. Appreciated your national perspective.

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  14. Dear Mike - Thank you for making my workday so much better - I loved my 3 hours with you every day. You were my favorite "co-worker". You turned me on to talk radio - so refreshing to hear someone say something instead of listening to the same song 10 times in one hour. I'll miss you but wish you nothing but the best. I'll miss your wit, sarcasm, humor and most of all your stories and lighter topics. I'm loading up on your podcasts on itunes. I'll be listening to your best of until I can catch you on WGN and hot dog you're on for 4 hours in Chicago!!!! You'll always have my vote for Earth Czar!

  15. I've listened to Mike for so many years I can't count them. Now, I guess it will be Boortz in the morning. Can't stand the other guys--not the stupidity and not the voices. It just ain't right!

  16. Good Luck Mike. Although never a call-in, I enjoyed you mucho. Kath

  17. Good Luck Mike,
    From all the Rural Mail Carriers
    that listen to you every day.
    Loved your show, listened for last 18 yrs,
    Will miss your humor & wit and
    Christmas Story!

    Retired Mail Carrier

  18. The listening audience of WLW will be much less informed without you, Mike. You will be sorely missed. Chicago is a very lucky town. Mike M. for Earth Czar!!!

    From a long time listener(20 years) and one time caller.